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Our Vinyl Coated Seamless Steel Siding Not Only Looks Better Than Regular Siding…

It Provides Insulation, Slashes Your Energy Bills, And Adds Layers Of Protection To Your Home.

Seamless Siding Efficiency


Vinyl Coated Seamless Steel Siding systems for West Texas combine both vinyl and metal siding without the issues of seams. The rising cost of aluminum and steel has made producing a cheap metal system impractical. Large rolls of Metal Siding can be rolled out so they have the capacity to be extruded on site or made in very long panels (up to 150 feet). When seamless siding is formed the metal must be the correct gauge to accommodate transportable bending metal dies in order to form each panel on the job-site.

The finishes are typically polyvinyl coating polymers, which act as a color stabilizer. Similar to vinyl products, the finishes are vibrant, glossy and easy to maintain and keep clean. These sidings incorporate an insulating backing as a mounting platform, with R-Values up to R-2.5. The mounting platform also creates a flat and straight appearance on the home. These products are more expensive than cheap vinyl products, less expensive than fiber cement products, and around the same cost as the insulated products. Raw materials and difficult seamless installation, which require a very skilled siding contractor in Lubbock, TX, make the cost of these products initially higher.

But like the insulated products, there is a return on investment from energy savings, and the added curb appeal leads to added resale value. Vinyl Coated Seamless Steel Siding for West Texas may be a little more expensive, but it adds aesthetics and insulation to your home.

Insulation and Moisture Barrier

Foam insulation can be laminated directly to the siding or installed first before covering the house with the siding. In addition to the insulating qualities, foam insulation provides a smooth surface for siding installation, creates a moisture barrier, deters insects, and provides extra durability.

Premium siding in West Texas will have some form of insulation and will have R-Values ranging from R-1 to R-2.5. Some systems will claim R-4 but this is only true at the widest point of the siding. Dutch lap Insulated Siding will potentially have an overall rating of R-3.53 because of the amount of projection and the volume of insulation behind it. The integrity of the siding and insulation, and the quality of installation will have a major impact on energy efficiency.

Moisture barriers are cloth-like coverings that are placed over the exterior walls before the siding is installed. These materials allow the home to breathe, while keeping out excess moisture and air infiltration.


Trim is added to a home to cover exterior surfaces such as window frames (capping), entry door frames, and garage doors. Posts and other architectural structures may be covered as well. Trim limits the need for painting and protects wood. The soffit (underside of an overhang), fascia (trim boards where gutters are attached) and rakes (trim boards under the roof going up the peaks) are sometimes referred to as trim as well. Some trims, such as crown molding, are meant to enhance the appearance of the home, and not necessarily protect it.

Fancy trim work such as crown molding on the gables enhances the appearance of any siding in West Texas. Soffit, fascia, window wraps, door wraps and other trimming should not be considered on the basis of price. There are many companies that will include these additions inexpensively. Make sure you ask for pictures of completed trim work, because the real value lies in the workmanship. Trim material itself is just a commodity, and a bad job will spoil the appearance of your home. Only true craftsmanship will increase the value of your home.

Some of the more popular choices of trim are shutters, gable vents and unique gable siding options, such as fish scale. Some Lubbock siding companies will offer crown or dentil molding around the trim. The up-charge for these items is minimal, and they add a great deal of curb appeal to your home.