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I Was Shocked And Embarrassed To Find Out That Home-Improvement Contractors Are The #1 Most Complained About Industry.

So I Decided To Do Something About It.

Contractor Standards

Dear Homeowner,

So you're thinking about a major home improvement project near Lubbock, TX? Congratulations! When done properly, a home renovation project will make your home more enjoyable now and increase its value over time. Unfortunately, we've all heard the horror stories about home improvement gone bad--unfinished projects, shoddy workmanship, longer-than-expected project durations, final bills that come in higher than the quote, and more. I was shocked and embarrassed to find out that, according to Better Business Bureau statistics, contractors are the #1 most complained about industry, even ahead of auto repair.

We've always done a good job and treated our customers right. And we've been able to build a nice business because of it. But I've noticed over the years that some consumers will choose less-than-reputable companies to do jobs for them--usually because they are quoted less money and don't really know how to evaluate the competition. Don't get me wrong--I'm all for good, honest competition. But it pains me to see good folks risk their hard earned money with contractors who have no track record... or worse, a bad (but hidden) track record.

Industry Standards Are Not Tough Enough

I wanted to find a way to educate consumers about how to choose a home improvement contractor in Lubbock and the surrounding areas. The industry standards just aren't tough enough--just about anybody with a hammer and a pickup truck can be a contractor. That's why I've pioneered a set of standards called it the Code of Ethics & Competency for Contractors. The Code calls for contractors to uphold a high set of standards that will allow you to judge BEFORE hand whether or not a contractor near Lubbock is likely to do the job right. This guide specifies those standards.

Before you hire any Lubbock home-improvement company to work on your home, make sure you consult this guide and INSIST that the company comply with EVERY SINGLE STANDARD. If you do, chances are excellent you'll get exactly what you want out of your project.

View Contractor Standards

Bart Kelley, Owner