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Windows Styles - West Texas Exteriors

With the wide variety of window types and configurations available on the market today, choosing the right replacement windows or energy efficient windows near Lubbock can get complicated. In order to help you choose the right new windows, please take note that each room in your house has different operating and ventilation needs. For example, a slider or casement window makes more sense above a kitchen sink, because both provide easier operation than a double-hung window.

Double Hung

Double-Hung Windows near Lubbock will restore the essence of traditional beauty to your home.

Double-Hung windows do not consume exterior space; they are a good fit for walkways, porches and patios. The primary feature in double-hung windows is that both window sashes open vertically. And this ability to open both sashes allows for cross ventilation. The number one benefit of the double-hung window with the tilt-wash version is that you may never have to go outside and wash your window again. Look for windows in which the top sash will tilt open, too. This will make it easier when the windows are up high to open for cleaning.

Double-Hung Features


Gain a whole new perspective on beauty and functionality with our charming casement windows for Lubbock and surrounding areas.

Casement windows give you unobstructed views top-to-bottom and side-to-side. Casement windows are hinged from the sides of the frame and open from the side. They open fully, thereby catching breezes and directing the flow of fresh air into your home. This is one of the primary reasons people consider casement windows.

Enjoy the versatility and stunning good looks of casement windows near Lubbock. And, enjoy easy operation with our stylish and functional hardware that allows your windows to open to a full 90-degrees for safe and trouble-free cleaning from inside your home.

Casement windows crank open which alleviates the need to lean forward and lift, so they are usually installed over

sinks, countertops or appliances. They’re also great for decks and patios. Casement windows do require some exterior

space when open, and I always recommend adding folding handles to casement windows to avoid interference with window treatments.

Casement Window Features

Bay and Bow

Enjoy a brand new view of nature's best without compromising your comfort or style. By choosing a bay or bow window for your favorite room, you'll not only add instant curb appeal from the outside but imagine the impressive view from the inside.

Bay windows are combinations of three windows projecting outward from a room, typically with a large fixed center glass panel. Bow windows are a variation of bay windows, made up of three or more equal sized window units joined at equal angles to form a curve.

Bay and bow windows near Lubbock offer a number of benefits. They maximize space, provide multiple views, and increase the flow of light into your home. Lubbock-area bay and bow windows are best suited for new construction. Before adding one or both to your new home, please note that bay and bow windows are big and heavy, so they must be installed in an area of your home that can properly support the weight.

Interior surfaces of Bay windows are also available with optional Formica® laminates, which eliminate the need to paint or stain the Bay's interior, while also providing greater ease of maintenance and more durability. Formica® surfaces are available in Painter's White, Golden Oak, Provincial Oak or Colonial Cherry.


Glide into a whole new frame of mind with our superbly designed two- or three-lite sliding windows.

Sliding windows for Lubbock and surrounding areas offer the appeal of traditionally styled windows but give all the great performance benefits advanced technology has to offer. The slider window has two sashes framed side-by-side, both frames slide horizontally. Slider windows are an economical option for filling large openings and allowing maximum viewing. As a matter of fact, sometimes one slider can more economically fill the opening of two side-by-side double hung windows.

Many people choose slider windows in Lubbock and surrounding areas because of their modern look. Slider windows are commonly found on more contemporary homes.

Slider Window Features