Vinyl Siding vs. Seamless Siding

How does seamless siding really stand up to vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding is a popular option when it comes home siding, but some people have concerns about how it stands up to the extremes of Lubbock weather. On the other hand, seamless steel siding has been touted as a sturdier alternative, but how does it really compare? Let’s break down these two options to determine which is really best for your home.


It’s here where vinyl siding typically wind out. Vinyl is the most affordable siding option on the market today, which makes it appealing to many homeowners. However, consider more than simply initial costs. How long will your siding lasts and how much maintenance will it need? Vinyl siding lasts only about 25 years at best in the midst of Lubbock summers, while seamless siding can last up to 50 years. Considering it’s only 12-22% more expensive than vinyl, one could argue that seamless siding is a smarter investment in the long-term.


In the category of durability, seamless siding easily wins out over vinyl siding. Vinyl siding might be fine in milder temperatures, but under the pressure of Lubbock heat, it warps, sags, cracks, and fades. Seamless siding, however, remains stable in the midst of the heat. While vinyl can have a problem with leaks, seamless steel siding is designed to fit your house snugly so as to prevent leaks.

Energy Efficiency

The more durable the siding, the better the energy efficiency. Seamless siding provides a tighter seal, which protects your home’s insulation and keeps drafts from getting in. With fewer drafts, your HVAC system won’t have to work double time to keep your home comfortable, and your HVAC bills will go down. We also use vinyl coating, so seamless siding has the thermal resistance of vinyl with the strength of steel. Vinyl has a natural thermal resistance to it that’s known for energy efficiency. Vinyl coated seamless siding is more like vinyl siding plus in terms of efficiency.


Both vinyl and seamless siding have sleek looks, but vinyl alone can lose some of its looks the longer it weathers the elements. On the other hand, vinyl coated seamless siding retains the smooth look of vinyl but lasts for far longer, so it wins out in the looks category as well.

Seamless siding is a clear winner when pit against one of the most popular options on the market. Interested in seamless siding for your home? Contact West Texas Exteriors today for more information.