Summertime Checklist for Home Improvement / Maintenance

Taking on some home maintenance this summer? Here’s a few items you’ll want to check off your list.

Summer is an excellent time to tackle some of the home improvement or maintenance projects you’ve been meaning to get to for some time. In summer, the weather is sunnier, the days are longer, and you have more motivation. Here’s our summertime checklist to knock out all of your home improvement and home maintenance projects:

Clean Siding

Summer is a great time of year to wash your siding, as it will dry more quickly than it would at other times of year. When you hose down your siding, check for any loose siding boards, warping, rotting, or other issues. If you have wood or vinyl siding, it may not be able to stand up to the extreme summers of West Texas. If the biggest problem you have is a little built up dirt and grime that can be hosed off, you’re golden. If not, consider switching to a more durable type of siding such as seamless steel siding.

Wash Windows

Wait for a cloudier day to do this so that the cleaning solution doesn’t dry too quickly, leaving streaks on the window glass. However, gentle cleaning solutions are better than heavy chemical cleaners for this project. Make sure to wipe down the frames as well, and to clean inside and out. Are you finding that your windows need more maintenance than you’d like, or that they’re becoming worn down? Consider ordering vinyl replacement windowsthat are both energy efficient and easy to clean.

Check for Leaks

While cleaning the windows, check for any leaks or breaks in the caulking. If you notice anything, recaulk to seal the leak up and prevent any drafts or pests. It’s also a good time to check if any conditioned air is escaping through your entry doors. Light a candle and hold it up to the door. If the flame pulls in one direction or another, it means that air is passing through. Fortunately, West Texas Exteriors offers ODL entry doors, which not only look stunning but offer the durability and security you need.

Clear Roof Gutters

Winter and spring can take quite a toll on your roof gutters. If they haven’t been cleared out in a while, they might be full of leaves and other debris that keep water from funneling into them and away from the house. If water isn’t able to be funneled through your roof gutters, it can pool onto your roof, potentially causing damage, or run off and seep into the foundation of your home. Summer is a great time to make sure your roof gutters are clean and in good shape.

Need a hand with your summer maintenance this year? Let West Texas Exteriors help! Contact us today for more information or a free estimate.