What Are Storm Windows And What Exactly Do They Protect Against?

There’s no harm in adding an extra layer of protection to your windows, and that’s just what storm windows do. Storm windows are windows that are installed outside of your window proper or even inside. They can be made of glass or plastic, but they serve to further fortify your window. There are a number of benefits that can be found from storm windows. But what do they really protect your home against? Here are just a few reasons you might need storm windows:


This one is obvious, as it’s in the name. Storms can be a serious threat to your windows. Strong winds, hail, or debris, can all take their toll, causing cracks or unseemly breaks. Storm windows offer an extra barrier of protection in order to protect your windows from the impact due to storms. Storm windows are designed with storms in mind, so they’re better able to hold up to whatever the storm might throw their way.

Air Leakage and Heat Loss

Storm windows also help to lower the chance of air leakage or heat loss. They add another layer through which air or heat must pass, which minimizes the chances of heat escaping your home or drafts entering it. This further insulation of your home can help prevent the chance of window condensation, as well as helping you save money on your heating and cooling bills throughout the year.

Sound Penetration

While it might not be a serious issue, no one likes to hear their noisy neighbors or outside traffic from within the comfort of their home. The better your windows are at soundproofing, the more you’ll truly feel as though you have the privacy and comfort you need at home. By adding an extra barrier, storm windows help to reduce sound penetration, as well, so you can block out unpleasant outdoor noises and simply enjoy the peace and quiet — or at least your own family’s chaos.

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