Does Your Roof Need Replacing? Signs to Look For and Roofing Options

How can you tell when your roof needs replacing? Of course, some signs are obvious. Roof rot can quickly make itself known, and bad leaks are something felt throughout the house. But many Littlefield, TX homeowners prefer not to wait until things are that bad. Instead, learn the signs early on of a bad roof so you can determine whether it needs to be replaced before it starts to cost you too much money.

Curled or Cracked Shingles

Most homeowners can look at a roof and spot missing shingles as a bad sign for the health of a roof. However, you may not want to wait until shingles have actually fallen off, because that likely spells bigger problems underneath the surface. You may be able to predict these roofing problems by taking a look at the shingles that aren’t missing. Are they cracked, cupped, or curling at the edges? All of these signs could indicate that your roof is no longer functioning as it should and needs to be replaced.

Age of the Roof

This step is a little more intuitive: how old is your roof? Different roofing materials have different expected lifespans, but no roof is built to last forever. In fact, in the climate familiar to Littlefield, TX, simple asphalt shingle roofs are only expected to last between 5-15 years. Wood shakes don’t fare much better, while metal and natural slate can last 100 years or more. It’s a good idea to know how long your roof is supposed to last and if it’s past its prime.

Loose Flashing

Flashing is the material around your chimney or vents, protecting them from any potential water penetration or damage. If your flashing has begun to come loose, or if it’s an outdated form of flashing made with roof cement and it’s started to flake, it could be a serious problem for your roof in the long run. At the very least, you’ll want to replace your flashing with something tighter and more reliable. However, damaged flashing could have caused damage to the roof as a whole that might call for a full roof replacement.

Roofing Options to Consider

So your roof needs to be replaced. The next question is what kind of roof do you want for your replacement? Again, asphalt shingles and wood shake windows simply don’t hold up against the heat of intense summers in Littlefield, TX. Natural slate tile roofs fare much better, lasting upwards of 100 years. However, this kind of roofing is heavy and expensive to install. It also doesn’t offer much in the way of energy savings. That’s why many homeowners lean towards metal roofing. Metal tile or vertical panels are relatively light but incredibly energy efficient and durable, lasting 100 years in good condition. While they may cost more initially than asphalt shingle roofs, the long-term benefits pay off in ways that wood shakes and slate roofs simply don’t.

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