DIY Window Replacement — Is It Worth It?

When it comes to window replacement in Lubbock, can you do it yourself?

The need for window replacement always seems to come at the worst time. Maybe you’re tight on cash or you’re planning to sell your home soon. Then suddenly your window breaks, or you notice a bad draft that’s causing issues like window condensation or even mold. You can’t get around it — but the question is how do you handle it. The easiest option is to hire a professional replacement window contractor, but in the world of internet tutorials and a need for savings, many homeowners opt instead for DIY window replacement. If you’re handy and have the time, it may seem like an appealing option. But is it really worth it? Let’s weigh the pros and cons.

The Benefits of DIY Window Replacement

The benefit most touted for DIY window replacement, is the cost savings. Because you don’t have to pay an installation crew for labor, you only have to pay for supplies, making the cost more manageable. Another benefit is that you can complete your window replacement on your own time instead of waiting until a contractor is free. There may also be some amount of satisfaction in being able to look at your own handiwork when you’re finished.

But for all the benefits of DIY window replacement, there are also challenges that can prove frustrating for many homeowners.

The Drawbacks of DIY Window Replacement

The biggest drawback to DIY Window Replacement is a lack of expertise. Sure, maybe you’re handy and you’ve done small jobs around the house before. However, that doesn’t mean that you know all the factors that make a window energy efficient or every step that needs to be taken to seal it and protect your home from drafts. You may not know all the safety precautions that need to be taken. You can research all of this before you start the job — but that takes time, and window replacement already takes enough time. The next drawback is the stress that comes with taking on a DIY window replacement. Replacement windows require meticulous installation or they could be detrimental to your home, and being so meticulous, can be a headache.

Finally, there’s the issue of liability. Most professional replacement window contractors in Lubbock are insured, so if there’s any damage to the property on the job or injuries on the job, their insurance covers it. You as the homeowner won’t be held liable and won’t have to pay extra for it. However, if you take the job on yourself you don’t have that barrier. If an accident happens on the job, you won’t have the same protection.

Does DIY Window Replacement Really Save You Money?

In theory…probably, if nothing goes wrong on the job. The problem is that it’s hard to predict whether or not something will go wrong, and the cost to correct any possible mistakes could be disastrous. Maybe the replacement window that you purchased breaks in the installation and you have to buy a new one. Maybe you hurt yourself on the job and have to go to the hospital. Maybe you have to repair damages to the wall. Again, these are all things that are easily fixed with the help of a contractor, but can be massive setbacks on your own.

You also have to consider value. If the window isn’t installed and sealed perfectly, you could have drafts or leaks, which could lead to higher HVAC bills or repairs that need to be made down the line. Your window will likely be less durable than if it were installed by a professional, which means you’ll need new replacement windows sooner than anticipated. The truth is when you pay for a professional contractor, you pay for their expert labor as well as the supplies, but that expertise can save you in the long run with an excellent value.

If you need a little help to be able to afford the cost of a professional window replacement in Lubbock, however, consider applying for financing. Contact West Texas Exteriors today for more information about how to save money on your window replacement or a free quote.