Can You Paint Seamless Steel Siding?

There’s little that’s more frustrating for curb appeal than faded siding. When you thinkYou may want to paint over your siding to keep it looking fresh, or you might have simply changed your color preferences over time. But if you have seamless steel siding, you might find yourself wondering whether it can be painted at all. Fortunately, West Texas Exteriors has you covered. In today’s blog, let’s discuss everything you need to know about painting seamless steel siding.

Does Seamless Steel Siding Need to Be Painted?

First, it’s important to know whether your siding needs to be painted in the first place? Seamless steel siding has vibrant color that lasts for years. Our seamless steel siding is vinyl colored, so it holds the same color without peeling or bubbling the way that it might otherwise. So chances are you won’t need to paint your seamless steel siding. However, again, you might have a change in preferences or an accident that leads you to want to repaint your siding. Fortunately, steel siding can be repainted, as with all other types of siding.

Painting Seamless Steel Siding

When painting metal siding, the primer is important. When you paint over steel, use latex-bonding primer. You can use paint spray or rollers and brushes. Once the primer is applied, use two coats of acrylic paint. If you use rollers and brushes, you’re more likely to have a thorough paint job and vibrant color that lasts longer.

How Long Does Paint on Seamless Steel Siding Last?

Painting seamless steel siding is different than sticking to the baked-on color that comes with the siding. It may not last forever, but the durability depends on the paint. Semi-gloss coats are best for seamless steel siding, as well as paint applied by rollers and brushes rather than spray. It also depends on how expertly the paint is applied, how well primer is used beforehand. Two coats are most preferable if you want lasting color for your seamless steel siding.

Seamless steel is the best siding choice for West Texas, and West Texas Exteriors is here to help if you need replacement siding installed. Contact us today for more information or a free estimate.