2019 Guide to Replacement Windows in Lubbock

2019 is on its way and window trends are changing to meet it. Certain window styles are becoming more popular while others are taking a backseat. Of course, you should always base your replacement windows style on your personal tastes and what works best for your home. However, if you’re looking for something trendy, we have you covered with this guide to replacement windows in Lubbock for the coming year. Here are some of the styles you’re likely to see more of this year.

Casement Windows over Double-Hung

Double-hung windows have been the favorite of most homeowners for decades, but we’re beginning to notice a shift away from them towards casement windows. Why? Because homeowners are beginning to prefer the clean, sharp lines of casement styles. These windows also offer more extended views than double-hung windows typically offer, which is another trend that’s been on the rise lately. Finally, they ventilate in a way that’s unique to casement windows specifically, as they open outward from the side.

Fixed Windows Everywhere

The need for crisp, clean lines have also pushed fixed windows towards the top. While these windows might not offer any ventilation — by their very design, they’re fixed shut — they offer a tight airseal and come in a variety of styles. Fixed windows are known to be purely decorative and have been passed over in previous trends, but the appeal of flooding a room in light without letting in unwanted pests is making them quite popular in recent years.

Bigger Glass The Better

Expansive glass has been a recent trend that’s still going strong in 2019. The bigger the window the better, which is why bay and bow windows are particularly popular with this trend. Large sliders or sliding glass patio doors are also options that go over well with this trend, as well. While you can still add decorative grilles to your windows, some are opting for clear glass instead to give the most unobstructed views of the outdoors.

Looking for replacement windows for your home next year? You can find most of these window styles and more with West Texas exteriors. Contact us today for more information.